The Epistemology of Two Different Questions: What Do I Think Will Make Me Happy vs. What Is True?

Many formerly faithful Mormons leave the church because it no longer makes them happy, or they discover it is not true, or both. They often face a spiritual crisis affecting their jobs, their relationships, their ethics, and their mental health. Sometimes they become confused and lose faith in their own ability to sort out what is good, true or real. This paper will explore ways of knowing what is good and true about the world including emotions, logic, reasoning and the evaluation of evidence. We will discuss the scientific method as a means of guiding one’s decisions and its limits.

This audio features a presenter who is in violation of our code of conduct. For more info on Tom Kimball and his history, click here for the January 14, 2023 statement.


Kathleen Kimball Melonakos, Tom Kimball