The Impact Of Wonder On Religious And Intimate Life

Wonder is excited by encounters with the unexpected, when we yield to “a sudden decentering of the self” (Bulkeley). Experiences of wonder spark both intense religious experiences and profound relationship connections. in both arenas—the intimately spiritual and the intimately social—when we are stunned, dazed, breathtaken, overwhelmed, consumed, or astonished, we feel yearnings to explore, to understand, to receive. What we receive (while wondering) will exceed the boundaries of our previous understanding, stimulating creative patterns of connection to God, loved ones, and the world. This session will explore the ways we often pursue stability at the expense of wonder, closing ourselves off to God and to each other. it will also invite us to remain open to the sparks of wonder in intimate relationships, our relationship with religion, and our relationship with God.

Lisa Hansen, Doe Daughtrey