The Muddy: A Mission Too Far?

The Muddy: A Mission Too Far? The ‘Muddy Mission” (1865-1870) refers to Mormon settlements along the Muddy River in what’s now southeastern Nevada. It was established to grow cotton, anchor the outskirts of Zion, and explore possible navigation of the Colorado River. It couldn’t last. Living conditions were extremely difficult, including taming the Muddy. The cotton market collapsed after the Civil War. The Nevada border was shifted eastward (moving the mission out of Utah entirely). Nevada demanded that taxes be paid in gold, something impossible for settlers in a desert. After all of these setbacks, Brigham Young finally recommended these pioneers go elsewhere. Most of them went to Long Valley in southeastern Utah where they founded Orderville, the most successful of the United Orders.

Lois F. Worlton, Jack Worlton, Melvin T. Smith