The New God Argument

The New God Argument In this session, we will present The New God Argument. Most philosophical arguments for God’s existence have been aimed at justifying traditional Christian theology. However, Mormon theology, particularly as advocated by Joseph Smith near the end of his life, diverges from tradition to posit emergent gods that organize worlds from existing matter according to existing laws. Aiming at justifying Mormon theology, we have formulated a new argument for God’s existence. The argument is based on assumptions widely shared among both secular andreligious persons, is consistent with modern science and technological trends, and concludes that we should trust that our world probably is created by advanced life forms more benevolent than we are. We invite philosophers, theologians, scientists, technologists, and anyone interested in such matters to come with your most critical eyes and ears. We are very interested in feedback, and a good portion of this session will be devoted to questions and criticisms.

Lincoln Cannon, Joseph West, Jr., Christopher Bradford