The Plural Wives of John W. Woolley and Lorin C. Woolley The Interconnectedness of the Early Fundamentalists

“The Plural Wives of John W. Woolley and Lorin C. Woolley,” by Marianne T. Watson. This paper will show there were more plural wives of both John and Lorin Woolley than previously known. They will be identified and discussed within the context of pre and post-Manifesto plural marriages.

“The Interconnectedness of the Early Fundamentalists,” by Craig L. Foster. Like early members of the LDS Church, early Fundamentalists took the good news of continued authority to marry plurally to fellow family members and friends. As fundamentalism grew, it did so among kith and kin until modern fundamentalism represents a large network of families. Examples from the book American Polygamy: A History of Fundamentalist Mormon Faith and other research will be given.

Marianne T. Watson, Craig L. Foster, Christopher C. Smith