Sunstone UK 2023

Evolving Stories

October 13-15th, Birmingham UK

Mormonism is a religion based on stories. Those found in books and religious texts, those passed down around dinner tables, and those we tell ourselves. These stories shape our lives and the communities we tell them to. As we grow and change, so do the stories we tell others and ourselves. This year's conference aims to explore how the world around us and the worlds within us evolve as our stories do.


Sunstone's goal is to host events that are safe for all in attendance. Sunstone UK events have safeguarding measures in place to protect vulnerable members of our audience. Please read the safeguarding statement at the bottom of this page for more information.

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To protect the most vulnerable members of our community, Sunstone has implemented several safeguarding measures for this year's Sunstone UK event. Some of this year's safeguarding measures include:

  • DBS checks for speakers and event organizers
  • Safeguarding training for all organizers
  • Designated adult trained in safeguarding to be on-site for disclosures and general attendee support

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