Sunstone UK 2023

Evolving Stories

October 13-15th, Birmingham UK

Mormonism is a religion based on stories. Those found in books and religious texts, those passed down around dinner tables, and those we tell ourselves. These stories shape our lives and the communities we tell them to. As we grow and change, so do the stories we tell others and ourselves. This year's conference aims to explore how the world around us and the worlds within us evolve as our stories do.


Sunstone's goal is to host events that are safe for all in attendance. Sunstone UK events have safeguarding measures in place to protect vulnerable members of our audience. Please read the safeguarding statement at the bottom of this page for more information.

Full Conference


Access to both days of the schedule. Includes catered breaks and a catered lunch on Saturday.

Saturday Only


Access to Saturday's schedule only. Includes catered breaks and a catered lunch.

Sunday Only


Access to Sunday's schedule only. Includes catered breaks.

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Access to the full schedule both days. Includes presenter discount.


Printed schedules will be available on-site

Friday, October 13th

6:00 PM | Opening Keynote


Join us for our opening keynote: Zelph on the Shelf!

Tanner Gilliland and Samantha Shelley will help us explore this year's theme "Evolving Stories"

Join us in person to participate in the Q&A, or watch the stram live in the Sunstone UK Facebook group!

7:00 PM | Socializing

It's been a year since we've seen each other, and we want to chat! Hang out after the opener and connect with other attendees to kick of another great year of Sunstone UK!

Saturday, October 14th

10:00 AM | Speedy Stories

We've brought back last year's hit opener to kick off the Saturday Schedule! Get a quick no-pressure insight into the lives and stories of the other attendees, and have a chance to share your own!
This session will be led by Julian and Laura Heath

11:00 AM | Breakout Sessions

Session TBA

Presenter TBA

Barbie:The Influence of Unconscious Bias on Our Stories

Karen Waring

Art Making for Understanding

Nicola Brophy

12:15 PM | Breakout Sessions

Mad Women: How Orthodoxy Equals Hysteria

Hannah Bardsley

Why They Left & How Leaving Left Them Feeling

David Eaton

Embroidery Workshop

Grace Pool

1:00 PM | Lunch

Join us for a catered lunch! This meal is included in your registration fee. Take a break, grab some food, and chat with other attendees during lunch break.

2:00 PM | Breakout Sessions


John Burton

Doors to Recovery

Olivia Thomas

Book Swap

3:15 PM | Breakout Sessions

Sun Tzu and the Heaven Born Captain

Peter McDonald-Smith

Faith Is Utterly Meaningless

Ryan Comins

Lino Printing

Ruth Heath

4:30 PM | Keynote: Moroni Jessop


My So-Called Fundamentalist Life

In recent times, policy changes within the mainstream LDS church seems to initiate faith crises among many members, often causing them to leave the church. Some leave the religion altogether while others seek out a more traditional version of Mormonism. What is it that causes some people to embrace such a seemingly far-flung version of Mormon culture? Join Moroni Lopez Jessop, aka the Punk Rock Polygamist, as he takes you on his personal journey through the LDS Church into the bizarre world of Mormon Fundamentalism, experiencing both polygamy and United Order and how challenging doctrines ultimately got him excommunicated several times.

5:30 PM | Dinner Break

Grab some dinner at the venue or at a nearby restaurant before our closing activity! This meal is not included in your registration.

7:00 PM | Entertainment: Karaoke

Not ready to turn in for the night? Join us for some Karaoke to close out the day!

Sunday, October 15th

9:30 AM | Ecumenical Service

10:45 AM | Keynote: Joelle Wight

resume_photo (2021_02_18 00_05_03 UTC)

Joelle Wight is currently a President of Seventy and a Mission Center President in the Chesapeake Bay Mission Center in the United States. In this role, among other things, she has experience with helping individuals from the Restoration tradition understand better and possibly navigate the messiness of a faith journey.

11:45 AM | Break

We'll have some light refreshments to tide us over until our late lunch break. Refreshments are included in your registration

12:00 PM | Breakout Sessions

Session TBA

Presenter TBA

Chat GPT Sunday School for Athiests

21st Century Saints

1:00 PM | Breakout Sessions

An Evolving Story: LDS & Community of Christ Relationships

Andrew Bolton

Body Confidence

21st Century Saints


3:00 PM | Conference End


Greswolde Arms

1657 High St, Knowle, Solihull B93 0LL, United Kingdom


The full conference will take place at the Greswolde Arms in Solihull. To book a room at the Greswolde with the 10% off group discount, book over the phone and mention that you're booking for the Sunstone conference.


To protect the most vulnerable members of our community, Sunstone has implemented several safeguarding measures for this year's Sunstone UK event. Some of this year's safeguarding measures include:

  • DBS checks for speakers and event organizers
  • Safeguarding training for all organizers
  • Designated adult trained in safeguarding to be on-site for disclosures and general attendee support
  • Sunstone has a Harassment Policy and Code of Conduct that we expect all attendees to follow. Please take a moment to read through these policies. Attendees violating these policies will be asked to leave the conference.

Call for Papers

The UK call for papers has closed. If you'd like to submit a late proposal, or if you have any questions about the proposal you submitted, please email

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