What Women Know

What Women Know LDS General Relief Society President Julie Beck’s October 2007 general conference address focused on the topic of women’s roles and sphere of influence, highlighting the phrase ‘Mothers Who Know.’ Even as President Beck was speaking, the Bloggernacle began to light up with discussion on her emphasis on mothers as nurturers and the examples she used to express her ideas. The talk evoked both strong feelings and deep contemplation, and even now, nearly a year later, it still garners discussion as LDS women and men have used it as a springboard to reflect on their personal experiences of knowing in terms of parenthood, perfection, nurturing, and scriptural interpretation. One diverse group of women used the energy of the discussion to develop a website, WhatWomenKnow.org, designed to expand the conversation about what it means to be an LDS woman. Panel members in this session will do a brief readers’ theater performance that illustrates the process of the site’s evolution. Then they will share their reasons for participating with WhatWomenKnow.org, their sense of both the positive and negative responses to the conversation and website, and their insights into diversity in the LDS woman’s experience.

Doe Daughtrey, Mary Ellen Robertson, Paula Goodfellow, Becky Lindford, Lorie Winder, Kay Gaisford