Why Sunstone?

A Message from the Board of Directors

Mormonism is a vibrant religious and cultural tradition with a diverse membership that has widely differing needs. For many Latter-day Saints, one of these needs is the free and frank exploration of gospel truths as they relate to the complexities of today’s society. Some crave stimulating discussions of contemporary scholarship, literature, and social issues. Others find great comfort in reading, hearing, and sharing personal faith journeys, including all their twists and turns and occasional uncertainties.

Given the growth of online communities and the burgeoning field of Mormon Studies, we are sometimes asked whether the Sunstone Education Foundation—now celebrating 40 years—is as relevant as it once was.

While the Internet has provided individuals with unprecedented access to information and the ability to connect with likeminded individuals, it is a medium with a very short “memory.” New and sometimes controversial issues constantly clamor for attention, making a sense of history and reflection difficult to maintain.

Through its many forums, including symposia, magazines, firesides, lectures, and online communities, Sunstone strives to maintain both vibrant online discussion forums and reflective spaces where important issues can receive sustained exploration. Sunstone is the place where scholars, students, seekers, and those simply engaged in faithful inquiry can participate together as they study faith, history, healthy sexuality, philosophy, the arts, gender, and Mormon culture.

The Sunstone Education Foundation sponsors open forums on Mormon thought and experience by bringing together people from all points along the continuum of Mormon belief and interest. We foster an atmosphere that respects both faith and doubt, intellectual and spiritual inquiry, and experiential integrity. Sunstone examines and expresses the rich spiritual, intellectual, social, and artistic qualities of Mormon history and contemporary life in all its diversity. We encourage compassion, humanitarian service, honest inquiry, and a responsible and vigorous interchange of ideas that is respectful of all people, their experience, and what they hold sacred.

Because of our longstanding status in the LDS community, we are sometimes asked to support causes or advance specific views. In order for us to be true to Sunstone’s mission of providing an open forum for discussion that gives voice to all views and opinions, we avoid taking positions, instead creating forums that allow individuals with differing viewpoints to have a thoughtful and respectful discussion.

That’s why, 40 years later, Sunstone is as important, vibrant, and relevant as ever. And with your active participation, ongoing encouragement and generous support we are looking forward to 40 more!

Thank you for celebrating this historic occasion with us.