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  1. Steve Warren says:

    How would a mixed-faith relationship be affected if the believing LDS spouse, while remaining active, came to the conclusion that temple ordinances are not necessary for eternal life? In my view, the effect would generally be very positive as the spouses would view themselves as continuing as a family in the hereafter if they choose to do so.

    Although my wife and I are both active, I ask the above question because in recent months, as a result of study and prayer, I have reached the following conclusion: Although temples can be of great value to followers of Christ, many scriptures strongly indicate temple ordinances are NOT necessary for eternal life, that performing of vicarious ordinances has significant theological problems, that temple work comes to us through a shaky “revelatory” process and that the work is vexed by perplexing questions and inconsistencies.

    In fact, I have written a 5,000-word article on the subject, titled “Farewell to temple ordinances?”

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