E130: Own Your Religion

After working with Helen Whitney on the PBS documentary “The Mormons,” Whitney told Greg Prince, “You have a good religion, but you need to own it. Most of its members are borrowing it.” In this episode, Prince reflects on what it means to own one’s religion. Recorded at the 2018 Sunstone Summer Symposium.


  1. Steve Warren says:

    I do not know if I will be made aware of comments posted here unless I first post a comment, which is what I am doing right now. I very much want to know what people have to say about Greg Prince’s thoughts.

  2. Cheryl Parks says:

    Loved it! Own would require that I be responsible for it which is far stronger than borrowing to just belong.

  3. Steve D says:

    Greg Prince reminds me of Sherem in the Book of Mormon. Jacob Chapter 7. “And he labored diligently that he might lead away the hearts of the people,”

  4. Steve D says:

    You know what it is… I read Prince’s biography of David O. McKay and he does the same thing in this talk that he did in the biography. He’ll quote a prophet like Spencer W. Kimball saying we need more “small efforts in the life of each member,” and then apply that encouragement to members accepting homosexuality as not a sin, or as members accepting that the Book of Mormon is not a historical record.

    It seems like he is always, not “misquoting” people. But, quoting people, and then inserting that quote into a completely irrelevant and unconnected context. Like, I’m pretty sure in April 1978 General Conference Spencer W. Kimball wasn’t encouraging members to “stretch a little” by refusing to accept the existence of Adam and Eve.

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