E136: From the Book of Mormon to a Box of Tissues: How Mormon Masculinity Is Changing

They’re embedded in a patriarchal church, so shouldn’t Mormon men be the very definition of toxic masculinity? In this episode, Stephen Carter explores the surprising ways Mormon masculinity has shifted over the past few years.

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  1. Mari Heward says:

    To the point about heavenly mother—I can understand where Stephen is coming from, but I don’t think we need to separate HF from HM as much as it would help us to start talking about the both of them together using the term Heavenly Parents. We don’t need to separate them by gender and say she is tender and he is powerful. We need to say “they are tender and powerful”.

    And to the point about men needing the priesthood to keep them motivated, why do they need something that women DONT have to have meaning and stay motivated? I feel this is a very weak argument and is actually a harmful way of thinking.

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