E91: A Diamond in the Bluff

Today we are talking about Council Bluffs and how Mormons ended up there. The episode with Lindsay and Bryan discusses the controversial land trade Mormons made with the federal government to be able to settle “Winter Quarters” and the tragic consequences of the deal.



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  1. Mark Crego says:

    As always, a great episode.

    Brian should have kept to his original pronunciation of Potawatomi. Since I grew up in Potawatomi country, the name “Potawatomi” is pronounced “pɒtəˈwɒtəmi” with the accent on the WA syllable, and never the TOM syllable. In the Ojibwe and the Ottawa languages, it is pronounced something like “Boodewaadamiig” or “Bodéwadmik,” neither of which show emphasis on the TOM syllable. Both the second and fourth syllables are neutral shwa and unaccented, although in Ottawa, they may put some stress on the second syllable, “bo DEH wa deh mik,” but the most common pronunciation would be “pɒtəˈwɒtəmi”.


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