E96: The Scandal at Garden Grove

Garden Grove is known as one of the way-stations for Latter-day Saints who were fleeing Nauvoo in 1846-47. But this Winter Quarters encampment was full of tawdry secrets, crime and even a… brothel? Join Lindsay and Bryan as they discuss the Garden Grove branch, bawdy houses, counterfeiting and more. Winter Quarters just got a whole lot more interesting!



  1. Trisha Paul says:

    I appreciate the good work both of you do but it has gotten so that I can barely listen anymore… at times if feels to be more clever puns than actual information.

  2. V. Daniel Rogers says:

    David Fulmer, it seems, is my 3rd great grand uncle according to Family Search. Loved this episode. Love every episode. I’m here for Fulmer content and Turley content (please more Turley content).

  3. Paula says:

    This had me laughing right out loud! I love hearing all parts of the history and not just the whitewashed stuff we hear at church. I love that you show that our ancestors were just as human back then as we are now. We need to stop putting them on pedestals and practically worshipping them. I also appreciate the part in the middle during the interview where she gave perspective of how very desperate people were back then. Most of us now have no idea what it was like. Good job guys! This episode is one of my favorites!

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