Episode 1: The Creation

Join Sunstone’s Lindsay Hansen Park and Benchmark Books’ Bryan Buchanan as they discuss the origins of the creation story in Mormonism, and the tensions between science and Mormonism.


Listen to this episode here.


Additional resources and information about topics discussed in this episode:

“The 1911 Evolution Controversy at Brigham Young University” (Gary J. Bergera) http://signaturebookslibrary.org/the-1911-evolution-controversy-at-brigham-young-university/

The B. H. Roberts/Joseph Fielding Smith/James E. Talmage Affair (Richard Sherlock and Jeffrey E. Keller) http://signaturebookslibrary.org/the-b-h-robertsjoseph-fielding-smithjames-e-talmage-affair/

Seers, Savants, and Evolution: The Uncomfortable Interface (Duane E. Jeffery) http://signaturebookslibrary.org/seers-savants-and-evolution-the-uncomfortable-interface/


  1. Mike Visser says:

    This is the best Mormon History podcast I’ve listened to. I really look forward to the next episodes. Thank you guys!

  2. Molly says:

    Fun fact. The Education in Zion exibit in the Joseph F Smith building on campus at BYU tells the story of Brimhall/Cummings and the whole kerfuffle at BYU, but with an anti-evolution bent. I know because I worked on this story and it represents the beginnings of my faith transition. So, in a nut shell, there are still parties at BYU pushing the creationism narrative as the official narrative of the church.

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