E45: What Would Jesus Do with $100 Billion?

A whistleblower recently alleged to the IRS that the LDS Church has kept $100 billion of funds meant for charitable purposes. The Church maintains that it keeps funds in store for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. In this episode, John Larsen analyzes what that statement could mean about the LDS version of the Second Coming—where, apparently, the stock market, the worldwide financial system, and corporations will still be fully functional. A far cry from the apocalyptic vision of most Christians.


  1. Nancy says:

    Having watched my 401k lose half its value in 2008, I can attest to the ephemeral nature of money, especially money invested in the stock market. It does seem absurd that the LDS church is saving for the second coming, since most prophecies also mention that a lot of calamities will precede it. (Market instability always negatively affects the value of any investments.) And of course the presumption that Jesus, who condemned rich people for ignoring the poor, will approve of how the money donated was not used to help the poor.
    Oh well not my circus, not my monkeys any more.

  2. Chad says:

    Maybe this is just phase 1. Once they amass a trillion, they’ll start to cash out and completely end poverty. 😆

  3. zeke says:

    Actually when the mormon jesus returns he will take on the role of financial planner and investment adviser for the poor. HIS thousand year reign will result in the greatest transfer of wealth in history — don’t forget the part about the poor and meek inheriting the world………….

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