Episode 5: History of the Scriptures

Did Joseph Smith write or translate the Book of Mormon? Who was involved? Is it true a magic toad and a bloody ghost helped bring forth scripture? Tune into the Sunstone History Podcast as Bryan Buchanan and Lindsay Hansen Park discuss the history of Mormon scriptures with Brian Hales, Sarah Stone, Kalani Tonga, Christopher C. Smith, and Sheldon Kent


Listen to this episode here.


  1. Mark Aldous says:

    About 43 minute into the podcast, Brian Hales said, “But of course, belief is a personal decision.” I wish he had elaborated on that statement. I don’t think it is at all obvious that belief is a personal decision. I don’t think that I could just decide to believe the Book of Mormon is from God or decide to believe it isn’t from God. I don’t think making that decision would change what I believed deep inside.

  2. GF says:

    At one point there is a mention of a “Book of David” that was considered for canonization in the Pearl of Great Price. Can you point us to any more information on that? Sounds fascinating!

  3. James says:

    This kid needs to take lessons from Bushman. Read RSR, esp the end notes. There’s more speculation, conjecture, could, but, how interesting etc than in a Vogel video. This may not be your mom’s mormon history podcast, but it’s not the well researched history the podcast purported to be before I started listening. What a let down. I was expecting something scholastic here.

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