Episode 8: How Was the Book of Mormon Translated?

How was the Book of Mormon created? Bryan Buchanan and Lindsay Hansen Park explore different approaches to the Book of Mormon with historians Sheldon Kent and Christopher C. Smith.

Listen to this Episode here.

Additional resources and information about topics discussed in this episode:

Manuscript Found: The Complete Original “Spaulding Manuscript” Manuscript Found | Religious Studies Center

The Founder of Mormonism (I. Woodbridge Riley) https://ia800306.us.archive.org/20/items/foundermormonism00rilerich/foundermormonism00rilerich.pdf 

Studies of the Book of Mormon (B. H. Roberts) buy from Benchmark Books www.benchmarkbooks.com

View of the Hebrews (Ethan Smith) https://rsc.byu.edu/out-print/view-hebrews-1825-2nd-edition

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  1. bwv549 says:

    Great podcast. Thank you.

    @Sheldon Kent – you mentioned that many books published in Britain made their way to the US frontier in JS’s time. I’ve come across this before but am interested in finding the best information which establishes this fact. Can you point me to the best citations for this claim? Thank you!

    Also, where can we read more about your bricoleur theory?

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