Jan Shipps on What Does Religious Studies Bring to the Study of Mormonism? November 17, SLC

Please join us on Tuesday, November 17th for a special lecture by Jan Shipps, long-time scholar of Mormonism and frequent participant at Sunstone.shipps_17

Her lecture will consist of reflections on the field of religious studies, and how the advances and techniques of this larger field equip scholars of Mormonism.

Tuesday, November 17
Level 4 Meeting Room, Salt Lake City Main Library
210 East 400 South, Salt Lake.

Mingling at 6:30 pm, lecture starts at 7:00 pm.

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In her 1985 book, Mormonism, Jan Shipps describes the movement founded by Joseph Smith as a “new religious tradition.” Since then, some have confused her ideas with Rodney Stark’s claim that Mormonism is a “new world religion” and most recently with Douglas Davies’s claim at the Library of Congress symposium on Joseph Smith that Mormonism is a “global” but not a “world” religion. In this presentation, Shipps will evaluate and clarify Distinctions between these three positions.

Speaker: Jan Shipps
Session Date: 7/28/2005

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