Event: Northwest Symposium 2005

Mormon Mantras

In Eastern spiritual traditions, mantras are practiced to assist persons to overcome mindless, conditioned behavior and to align themselves with the divine. Do some Mormon cultural “mantras”, repetitive phrases and ideas that organize the internal lives of many Latter-day Saints, serve the same liberating function, or do they, at times, inhibit individual spiritual growth? Are …

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A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Mormon CyberGalaxy

Are you hearing terms such as “blog,” “podcast,” or “Mp3” and just feeling as if the cyberuniverse is whizzing past you at warp 7 speed? Do you have a computer but feel intimidated to try new tricks and ways to connect with others, especially in the constellation known as Mormondom? Join technology-made-understandable guru John Dehlin …

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The Best Idea in Mormonism

Thought experiment: Imagine Mormonism without any concern for the concept of being “the one and only true church,” without any worries about how this or that doctrine might “play” in the mission field or among those with whom the Church is forging coalitions to cooperate on moral issues. That imaginary position is the starting point …

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