Event: Salt Lake Symposium 2020

Pastoral Hope for Spiritual Abuse

The name of God should never be invoked to coerce, shame, or frighten people into compliance—yet in a culture of “worthiness interviews” and high-demand religious expectations, this is an experience that is far too frequent. In this session, Gina Colvin and Katie Langston, seminarians and ministers, will explore how spiritual abuse damages a person’s relationship …

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Entheogens in Occult Traditions and the Visionary World of First Nephi

Post-enlightenment magic and occult grimoires and handbooks seamlessly blend the spiritual and physical, often obscuring naturalistic mechanisms to achieve incantations, spells, hexes, or conjurations. The Book of Mormon similarly blends the spiritual and physical to obscure the presence of entheogens to uninitiated readers. Early Mormon experiences suggest the use of hallucinogenic substances, common at the …

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LDS Artists of Color: An Introduction

The future of Mormon art, like the future of the Mormon people, lies with its global, diverse, and multicultural population. This session highlights the work of five women of color whose work is transforming the landscape of Mormon visual art. All of these artists invite and challenge questions about culture and faith. View and shop …

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