Faith Development Among Generation X

The term “Generation X” has been applied to the group of young adults now entering their mid-twenties to early forties. Coming of age after the highly idealistic 1960s but in the midst of the information revolution and a tremendous boom in popculture, this generation has proven difficult t ounderstand, especially with regard to faith and religiosity. To many, they seem to be a “generation adrift,” constantly searching but never quite finding the kind of secure home within church and institutiona lsettings as did many of their parents. Does this mean “Gen Xers” are not religious? Do they“lack faith”? Or is the iconoclasm and irreverence of much of today’s pop culture a manifestation of a different kind of faith, a different set of needs that perhaps require a new syncretic form of spirituality? What can faith traditions do to attract and develop strong ties with members of this generation?James W. Fowler will reflect on these and other matters related to Generation X from sociological and experiential perspectives, correlating them reflectively with his own work in faith development theory.

Unsure if there is audio for this session. James W. Fowler