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Generation X and Framing Gender in the Church

By M. David Huston       I am a 41-year-old Mormon male—a member of Generation X—who has slowly and painfully come to recognize the gender inequality that exists in my church. Coming to Terms “In the World” It wasn’t until I was married at 24 years old that I had my first real glimpse …

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Faith Development Among Generation X

The term “Generation X” has been applied to the group of young adults now entering their mid-twenties to early forties. Coming of age after the highly idealistic 1960s but in the midst of the information revolution and a tremendous boom in popculture, this generation has proven difficult t ounderstand, especially with regard to faith and …

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The Spirituality of Generation X

The Spirituality of Generation X It is always difficult to define what makes a ‘generation.” The very term itself asks for a chronological answer; yet, when we discuss a generation, we are most often asking cultural questions. What characteristics do a group of people born within an approximate twenty-four year span share with each other? …

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