Abstract Mormonism seems to be in the midst of an identity crisis. For Church members, its founding claim to be the restoration of primitive Christianity along with its theology and worship practices have always made it feel very Christian. But with the Church’s efforts to emphasize Mormonism’s message of Christ even more strongly, subtitling the Book of Mormon, changing the Church logo, becoming more involved in coalitions with other traditions, supporting interreligious dialogue that emphasizes Mormon similarities with traditional Christianity rather than its differences, is Mormonism on a path toward becoming too “Christian,” too generic, just one more Christian flavor among many? While many applaud the new emphases, others are feeling as if too much is being lost, too many traditional LDS doctrines are being deemphasized and perhaps on their way to being abandoned altogether. Panelists’ perspectives in this session differ widely on the Church’s uncertain identity. How “Christian” should Mormonism be? It’s an important discussion. Please join in!

Dan Wotherspoon, Shawn Aaron McCraney, L. Rex Spears, Grant Palmer, Brian Birch