Mark Hofmann: 25 Years Later

More than 25 years have passed since Mark Hofmann’s bombings and murders exposed his Mormon and Americana documents as forgeries. This presentation will discuss: 1) what has occurred in the story since Hofmann went to prison; 2) the discovery of additional Hofmann forgeries or possible forgeries; and 3) the impact of Hofmann’s forgeries and crimes on Mormon and American history and research. A major portion of the presentation will be the playing of a recently discovered tape recording made by Hofmann in 1981 of telephone conversations between him and authorities of the then RLDS church (now Community of Christ) over negotiations of the sale or trade f the “Joseph Smith III blessing” document.

Steven L. Mayfield, Brent Ashworth

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  1. Margaret J says:

    Thank you for posting this; I have been looking for the Mark Hoffman audio for a research project and this is the only functional link I’ve found. Would you be able to send me any complete audio files that you have?

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