Mormon Comics: Call for Submissions

Sunstone, Mormonism’s largest independent magazine, will be printing a special issue in summer 2010 dedicated to comics by, for, or about Mormons. We are seeking single panels, strips, complete single- and multiple-page stories, and graphic novel excerpts. We encourage a wide variety of styles, themes, and stories: from Nephites to Danites, from Happy Valley to the Himalayas, from covered wagons to space cruisers.  We are especially interested in works that explore Mormon worldview, theology, and experience from unique, unconventional perspectives. Material doesn’t necessarily need to include explicitly Mormon characters or situations.

Those accepted will give Sunstone one-time, non-exclusive rights to the work, receive $25 per page remuneration, and be published alongside such artists as Sal Velluto, Jake Parker, Howard Tayler, Brian Crane, and Adam Koford. Previously published work is welcome if the artist still retains reprint rights to the work. Page dimensions: 8.5 x 11. Page colors: black and white.

Deadline: 15 May 2010

Email submissions to:


  1. Holly Welker says:

    why, why, why do you offer remuneration to visual artists but not to writers? Our contributions–which form the bulk of the magazine–aren’t deserving of payment? We aren’t entitled to support ourselves through the exercise of our craft and skill?

    Seriously, Sunstone, what gives? What’s with the double-standard?

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