PANEL: Catholic-Mormon Dialogue on Ordination: Does God Call Women in Patriarchal Religions to Ministry?

Catholic and Mormon feminists share a deep love and respect for our religious communities; pursue a common mission to advocate for practical, equitable, and inclusive changes; and many feel a call to ministry as a way for women’s spiritual gifts and power to enrich the larger community. Today, we bring together four women from patriarchal religions to explore what happens when religious feminists call an all-male priesthood into question and examine the theological and cultural assumptions upon which an all-male priesthood rests. How can we help each other in advocating for ordination and expanded roles for women? Being aware of each other’s faith and concerns, becoming versed in each other’s prior activism, and working together can help swing the pendulum toward equality in both traditions.

Todd Compton, Mary Ellen Robertson, Lorie Winder, Margaret Toscano, Christine Haider-Winnett, Victoria Rue