PANEL: More Paint, Less Corner? New Developments in LDS/LGBTQ Relations

The past year brought many new developments, including the launch of the LDS Church’s website MORMONSANDGAYS.ORG, the Church’s amicus brief regarding Proposition 8, the new blog No More Strangers, Mormons Building Bridges and marching in gay pride parades across the US, the LDS Church pulling support from the anti-discrimination law under review in the Utah Legislature, and LDS Boy Scout leaders asking the BSA to delay a vote on inclusive Scouting—to name some of the happenings. What impact have these new developments had in LDS/LGBT relations? Is the Church making progress toward empathy and meaningful inclusivity for LGBT sisters and brothers? Or is the Church taking one step forward and two steps back? Where would LGBT Mormons and their allies most like to see improvement? How will LGBT/LDS relations continue to evolve?

Laura Compton, Brad Carmack, Mitch Mayne, Carol Lynn Pearson, Robert A. Rees, Wendy Montgomery