POW! ZOT! Sunstone!

A special issue of Sunstone is about to hit your mailbox.

What makes it special? First, it’s a biggie–96 pages.

Second, it’s the first-ever collection of comics by, for, and about Mormons. We’re not just talking funny pages here, we’re talking serious art and storytelling, too. You’ve probably noticed that the comic book (a.k.a. the graphic novel) has recently become a sophisticated art and literary form. Graphic novels have won the Pulitzer, the National Book Award, and the Printz Award among many others. This explosion of creativity and artistry is also going on in Mormonism–on graphic display in Sunstone‘s pages.

Coming to your mailbox: the first-ever collection of Mormon comics.

Also included in this issue are articles on famous Mormon comic artists from the past (did you know that for over 30 years Mickey Mouse comics were penned by a Mormon from Kaysville, Utah), on how Mormons have been portrayed in mainstream comics (Godzilla once demolished the Church Office Building), on recently rediscovered Mormon comics (the Deseret News printed comic versions of the Book of Mormon during the late 40s and early 50s), and on how contemporary comic artists are infusing their work with Mormonism (see Michael Allred’s Madman comics).

In short, this issue’s gonna rock.


  1. n8zee says:

    Very disapointed with issue 160. If every Sunstone was like this one, I would cancel
    my subscription.
    What the hell happened?


  2. Glen Danielsen says:

    Wait a minute, guys, the first ever collection of comics by, for, and about Mormons was created by Calvin Grondahl in the early 1980’s.
    By the way, Brother/Sister n8zee, also note that Sunstone freely publishes articles by known apostates. We might well be cautious about anything that comes from the mind of a Mormon Liberal. Or, we can disregard anything at all that comes from them. Sunstone might publish trace amounts of things sympathetic to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And Mormon Liberals perhaps do believe in a living prophet of God. (Oh, if they happen to agree with him.)

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