SL09161 Drat! Mythed Again: The Strange Persistence of Certain Questionable Teachings in Today’s Mormonism [Partial]

For mainstream Latter-day Saints to foul up occasionally on doctrinal questions is no big deal. We all do it. But when a questionable teaching originates from the Church’s top leaders, it becomes a larger problem. That’s because in today’s Church, we tend to treat concepts as true merely because they come from the prophet, First Presidency, or Twelve. Ere long, the dubious doctrines or teachings creep into manuals, magazines, classes, and talks, and we’re stuck with them. In this session, I will explore twelve questionable teachings that have been propounded by top Church leaders and have been widely believed. By examining them, perhaps we can magnify our capacity to detect and weed out other dubious teachings.

Steve Warren