SL10291: Pillars of My Faith

This is Sunstone’s perennially best-attended session. Hear speakers share the events and concepts that animate their religious lives: a little soul-baring, a little spiritual journey, a little intellectual testimony-bearing. This self-reflective night is about the things that matter most, plus spirited congregational hymn-singing. Eric Samuelsen is a playwright, a theatre director and historian, and a teacher. He joined the BYU faculty in 1992 after earning a PhD at Indiana University. Several of his plays have been published in Sunstone including Gadianton, Accommodations, Family, Peculiarities, and The Plan. Eric is a former president of the Association for Mormon Letters and has published in Sunstone, BYU Studies, and Dialogue. His play Amerigo was recently performed at Plan B Theatre Company in Salt Lake City, and his play Borderlands will be produced there next season. He’s also adjunct religion faculty at BYU, teaching the Doctrine and Covenants. He is married and has four children. Tracy McKay is raising her three children as a single mama in Washington state, but she misses her native California coast with a palpable ache. Tracy is currently finishing her BAE in education and starting an MA in special education; in another life, she had a career as a professional artist, world traveler, and Germanophile. Tracy loves thrift stores, old books, wooden toys, crisp linen, grapefruit, and her Macbook. She writes for Her personal blog is