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SL10291: Pillars of My Faith

This is Sunstone’s perennially best-attended session. Hear speakers share the events and concepts that animate their religious lives: a little soul-baring, a little spiritual journey, a little intellectual testimony-bearing. This self-reflective night is about the things that matter most, plus spirited congregational hymn-singing. Eric Samuelsen is a playwright, a theatre director and historian, and a …

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Mormonism and Process Theology Part II: The Problem of Evil

The cover of a recent issue of BYU Studies states: “Joseph Smith Resolves the Problem of Evil.” This is an editorial exaggeration of the conclusions reached in the actual article, written by David L. Paulsen, which appeared inside. Still, of all the theological challenges that dominate philosophy of religion, “theodicy,” often called the “problem of …

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