The Mormon Hub is committed to being the most well-known, active, and comfortable virtual “space” for casual discussion of Mormonism and Mormon-related issues. Help us promote it!

Attention: The Mormon Hub has a Pinterest Page:

For Bloggers

We want The Mormon Hub to be a place to promote and discuss your blog. In return, we ask that you display a link to The Mormon Hub Facebook group on your blog. Here is what the small logo (width: 225px) looks like embedded in the footer of a WordPress blog (


In this case, the logo is posted using the WordPress Text Box Widget. The logo is set up as a link so that clicking on it takes one directly to The Mormon Hub Facebook group ( If you have a hosted WordPress blog, do the following:

1) Log into your Dashboard.

2) Go to the Appearance tab on the left, then select the Widget option on the pop-out menu.

3) You’ll see a number of different widgets on the left, and then a number of different places to drag and drop the widgets on the right (for example, Primary Sidebar, Secondary Sidebar #1, Bottom Content #1, Footer, etc., this will vary based on your theme and how your theme is configured). Select the “Text” widget and drag it to the location on the right where you want The Mormon Hub logo and link to appear on your site.

4) Select one of the following strings of code below, copy it (copy everything between, but not including the “<<<” and the “>>>,” and then paste it into the Text widget.

OPTION #1 (to see an example of what this looks like, go to and scroll all the way to the bottom):


<a href=””><img src=””/></a>

(Click the Image to Join the FB Group)


OPTION #2 [Forthcoming. Please send us your WordPress Textbox Widget art and we’ll post it here for others to share.]

For Facebook Users

We need your memes! If you create a meme that you’d like us to post here, please post it in The Mormon Hub Facebook group ( and tag one of the admins.

To use the following images, right click to download, then upload to FB Facebook (or wherever) and post where you think appropriate. Be sure to associate the image with a link to the FB group ( or the FB page (



This image (width: 625px):

Smaller Image (width: 350px):



This image (width: 300px):



This image (width: 1200px):

Smaller image (width: 350px):



This image (width: 1200px):


[New memes will be inserted right here]




This image (width: 900px):



This image (width: 600px):



This image (width: 350px):



This image (width: 225px):


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