The Spirituality of Generation X

The Spirituality of Generation X It is always difficult to define what makes a ‘generation.” The very term itself asks for a chronological answer; yet, when we discuss a generation, we are most often asking cultural questions. What characteristics do a group of people born within an approximate twenty-four year span share with each other? What events or societal trends have helped shape their experience? Do they have in common certain assumptions about life? The term “Generation X” has been applied to the post-boomer generation that most social scientists agree to as referring to those born from the early 1960s to early 1980s. Sometimes referred to derogatorily as a “generation adrift” or even a “slacker” generation because of what appears to some as an apathetic attitude (in comparison to the idealism of the young adults of the 1960s), it is nevertheless a generation with a deep spirituality that is simply different from that of their parents. There is much talk about the “graying” of the Sunstone crowd. It is therefore very important to listen to members of this younger generation tell of their own spiritual journeys.

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Nick Gorrell, Jodi Hildebrandt, Holly Welker, Ardell Broadbent