Why I No Longer Trust ‘FARMS Review of Books’

Why I No Longer Trust ‘FARMS Review of Books’ For the past twelve years, many Latter-day Saints have turned to the Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies (FARMS) and their semi-annual journal, ‘FARMS Review of Books,’ as the unofficial response to anti-Mormon books and publications. I was one of them. However, when I began to dig beneath the surface of the blistering attacks in many of the ‘FARMS’ reviews, I discovered many fallacies, inconsistencies, and even outright dishonesty. Once enamored by ‘FARMS’ and their unofficial mission to defend the faith, I am now aware of their often unfair and brutal tactics, and I read the books for myself. This paper is an attempt to document and present many of the problems I have found in ‘ FARMS Review of Books’.

John P. Hatch, Devery S. Anderson