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  1. Terry says:

    Thank you for the article. It was interesting.
    My mother was a convert who told me that the only forbidden words were the ‘name of God in vain’ ones, including most of the substitutes. The others she considered offensive but not to be against any commandment. Her attitude was that we as members should be above reproach, and so to avoid all bad language. I think that is in keeping with teachings of church leaders.
    I find it interesting that some of the words that were offensive then are not now, and vice versa. Even at the time I found that some people looked down on some words but tolerated others. It also seems to vary with place: in Australia we have no trouble with ‘damn’ and ‘hell’, but I believe they are no-nos in some parts of the US.
    I learned a few substitute words from missionaries and I sometimes feel they are even more offensive than the real thing. I tend to think that if you’re going to use a colourful word you should just use it instead of trying to disguise it. It’s like saying ‘I really want to swear, and would if I was that terrible a person, but I don’t do that so I’ll just let you know that I would if I could’.
    Despite my mother’s best intentions, and my own, I still have trouble not using some of ‘the words’. Sometimes I do okay, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I care, and sometimes I don’t give … Is there a word limit on this thing?

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