Why Usa Christians In 2016 Should Vote Democratic

Christians, including Mormons, should consider moral and ethical issues when deciding whom to support in an election. The teachings of Jesus in the four gospels should be an important guide in considering the issues raised in a campaign. This paper will argue that in the 2016 preseidential election, the moral issues lean strongly on the side of the Democrats.

William D. Russell

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  1. Jon G. says:

    Give me a break! Bill and Hillary Clinton need to be indicted for the biggest charity fraud in history, totaling over ONE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS since it’s inception. There are BILLIONS in missing and unaccounted for funds that were given to the Clinton Foundation. These are FACTS. The Foundation has been analyzed by top Wall Street analysts. The Clintons are criminals. What was this again about “Moral issues leaning strongly on the side of Democrats?

    And Bernie Sanders is crazy socialist with a generous heart. He wanted an initial funding of 10 TRILLION DOLLARS printed out of thin air to get his stimulus plans off the ground. What an dolt!

    Trump was the ONLY responsible choice in this election.

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