Woe To The Land Shadowing With Wings William Bickerton The Book Of Mormon And The American Civil War

Since 1845, William Bickerton had watched for the fulfillment of Joseph Smith’s Civil War prophecy. He believed that devastation, unlike anything Americans had ever experienced, would overtake the nation. It was a principal reason for dissociating himself from Sidney Rigdon and Brigham Young and starting his own church. The paper will explain why Bickerton decided to forsake Rigdon and Young, and will show how the Civil War grounded his belief in the Book of Mormon.

Daniel Stone

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    Forgive me. I spoke incorrectly during the question and answer period of my talk. Alice Cooper, as far as I am aware, was not a baptized member of the Church of Jesus Christ. However, his father and grandfather were members of the priesthood. His grandfather, Thurman Furnier, was actually an apostle for the church. Sorry for my slip-up!

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