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This year, we're exploring the theme Many Mansions.

The idea of heaven cuts across both religious and non-religious boundaries. Heaven is our way of describing an optimal place—or state of being—where we feel whole, where we’re in community, where we have full access to our potential. However, one person’s heaven can be another person’s hell. We can learn a lot about someone by understanding what heaven means to them.

But, of course, in many religions, heaven is also an actual place with a people, culture, and social system. How have various Mormon denominations constructed heaven? How have those constructions changed over time? How have those constructions affected the way their adherents live? How do other religions, denominations, and non-religious groups construct heaven? How have we borrowed from each other? How have we complemented or contradicted each other? How have different conceptions of heaven been represented in the arts? How has heaven changed for each of us?



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