In 1979, Sunstone began sponsoring an annual symposium in Salt Lake City, which is now a four-day event with approximately 100 different sessions, generally scheduled the first weekend in August. Since the 1980s, Sunstone has also held regional symposia in Washington DC, California, Seattle, Chicago, Dallas, and Boston.

2019 Theme: The Future of Faith

The fastest-growing religious demographic in the United States is the “nones,” those who do not identify with a church, and the membership exodus from the various Mormon traditions is staggering. But other forms of devotion and spirituality are exploding with growth. What can we learn from the past about what to expect of the future? What new religious/spiritual hybrids are growing in this environment? What kinds of changes might we expect to see in Restoration traditions as they struggle to keep their members? How are we personally responding to this new era?