E76: Keep Sweet: Covering Episode One

In this episode, Bryan, Lindsay and Cristina Rosetti discuss Netflix’s new series Keep Sweet which tells the story of two sisters and their upbringing in the FLDS. This episode covers the historical context and stories featured in the first episode in the series.

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  1. Kathy says:

    Lindsay, you mentioned Janeen Brady’s name in this episode…or maybe it was Janice Perry, but either name would fit the point you were making. You may be aware of this, but her daughter, Michelle Stone, has been making YouTubes exposing the problems, scripturally and in other ways, of polygamy–132 Problems: Revisiting Mormon Polygamy. I prefer the episodes where she goes deep into the scriptures, but in episodes 15 she interviews her mom. It’s a small Mormon world and look what you started!!!

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