May-June 1983
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May-June 1983

Listed below are the articles from this issue.

Topics included in this issue: Contemporary Mormonism, Administrative History, Honesty, History, General Authorities, Faith and Scholarship, Ethics, Education, Joseph Smith, Counseling and Mental Health, Law, Church Organization, Church Activity, Brigham Young, Biography, Belief, Atonement, Crime, Personal Journey, Theology, Sociology, Sin, Short Story, Revelation, Prophet/prophecy, Priesthood, Humor, Poetry, Book of Mormon, Personal Essay, Other Religions, Mormon History, Mormon Culture, Letters, Legal History, LDS Doctrine, Politics, Christian principles .

Page Author Title  
02 James N. Kimball J. Golden Nuggets: On the Subject of Politics Download PDF
02 Readers' Forum Download PDF
03 Marvin Rytting Paradoxes and Perplexities: Changing Times Download PDF
05 Ronald W. Walker Raining Pitchforks: Brigham Young As Preacher Download PDF
10 Kira Pratt Davis The Worship of Household Gods Download PDF
13 Janice M. Allred Toward a Mormon Concept of Original Sin Download PDF
19 Mark D. Thomas Revival Language in the Book of Mormon Download PDF
26 David Earl Bohn No Higher Ground Download PDF
33 Eugene England Obedience, Integrity, and the Paradox of Selfhood Download PDF
39 Phyllis Barber Ida's Sabbath Download PDF
44 Dixie Lee Partridge The Burlap Years Download PDF
44 Anita Tanner Scolding Bridle Download PDF
46 Paul M. Edwards The Noumenonist: Putting Prayer in Its Place Download PDF
46 Ray Ownbey Outside Looking In: Putting Prayer in Its Place Download PDF
48 Jay S. Bybee Law of the Land: Freedom of Reconsideration Download PDF


  1. Susan James says:

    Hello. I was browsing on your site today. I wanted to download the back issue October 2011 but the link to “download the entire pdf” led me to a page error. Nor was there an option to purchase. How does one access online copies of Sunstone?


    Susan James

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