Watch party and exclusive Q&A

On March 3-5, watch the Murder Among the Mormons miniseries along with us and then join us for an exclusive Q&A with directors Jared Hess and Tyler Measom on the 6th and a panel discussion about the series on March 7th.


March 3rd 7:00pm MST: Watch and discuss episode 1 in the facebook group
March 4th 7:00pm MST: Watch and discuss episode 2 in the facebook group
March 5th 7:00pm MST: Watch and discuss episode 3 in the facebook group
March 6th 7:00pm MST: Live Q&A with directors Jared Hess and Tyler Measom
March 7th 7:00pm MST: Live Panel Discussion about the film with Curt Bench, Sandra Tanner, Brent Ashworth, and Brent Metcalf, moderated by Jimmy Rex

How to Watch the Series

Murder Among the Mormons will be released on Netflix on Wednesday, March 3rd. You must have a subscription to Netflix (or an active free trial) to watch. We'll be watching one episode per night on March 3rd 4th and 5th. Watch at your own pace, or watch along with us and chat about the show in our facebook group (contains spoilers).

How to Join the Q&A and Panel Discussion

We'll broadcast the Q&A live to our watch party facebook group! If you don't have facebook, you can also watch directly through Zoom webinar (no Zoom account required) at the link below

How to Register

This project is being organized as a fundraiser for Sunstone. Donate below and then join our watch party group on facebook here to watch along with us!

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This event is being held as a fundraiser for Sunstone. Please make a donation below to support our work.


Join the Facebook Group

For discussion about the series and to watch the live panel discussion and Q&A, request to be added to our watch party facebook group!

Director Q&A

March 6th
7:00 pm Mountain Time

Watch the Q&A live in the facebook group, or click the link below to watch directly through Zoom Webinars.

Panel Discussion

March 7th
7:00 pm Mountain Time

Watch the panel discussion live in the facebook group, or click the link below to watch directly through Zoom Webinars.

Exclusive Director Q&A

Jared Hess

Jared Hess is a writer and director, known for Napoleon Dynamite (2004), Gentlemen Broncos (2009) and Nacho Libre (2006).

Tyler Measom

Tyler Measom is a producer and director, known for Murder Among the Mormons (2021), An Honest Liar (2014) and Biography: I Want My MTV (2019)

Panel Discussion

Curt Bench

Curt Bench owns Benchmark Books and, for more than forty years, has sold used, rare, and out-of-print books on Utah and the Mormons. He has written articles for Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought and Sunstone and has prepared numerous book reviews and columns for other publications. He has written historical introductions for two books on early Mormon scriptures and published limited editions of several books on Mormon studies. Curt served for ten years on theDialogue editorial board. He is a life-long bibliophile and history lover. The Utah State Historical Society recently named Curt an Honorary Life Member. Curt and Pat, his tolerant wife of more than four decades, reside in Salt Lake City.

Sandra Tanner

Sandra Tanner, and her husband Jerald, both from fifth generation LDS families, co-founded the Utah Lighthouse Ministry in 1983. As teens in the 1950’s, they were challenged that the LDS faith had been radically changed over the years and its doctrines were contrary to the Bible. They were married in 1959, converted to Biblical Christianity, and continued researching LDS history and its doctrines. In 1963 they started Modern Microfilm Co. and began their long publishing career of reprints of old books relating to Mormonism in addition to their own research. Their most popular books have been The Changing World of Mormonism, published in 1980 by Moody Press, and Mormonism-Shadow or Reality?, self-published with various editions between 1963 and 1987 and now available in digital (PDF) format. Then in 1983 they set up their non-profit organization, through which they have continued their publishing and research, serving both the LDS and Christian communities through their bookstore, seminars, books, newsletters and web site

Brent Ashworth

Brent Ferrin Ashworth is an autograph collector and dealer of U.S. historical documents, in particular those related to Mormon history. He has assisted the Glenn Beck organization, the LDS Church History Library, Brigham Young University (BYU) Library Special Collections, the Utah Valley University (UVU) Library Special Collections, State History Division, including the Utah State Archives and other major institutions. He has recently assisted Beck with his first three history museums, starting with "Man in the Moon" at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City, over the July 4th holiday in 2013, the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Kennedy Assassination in conjunction with the Mercury One Convention at the Omni Hotel in Dallas, Texas, in November 2013, and the "Miracles and Massacres" Museum held at Beck's Mercury One Studios in October 2014. In November 2013, Ashworth also appeared on Beck's special show on collecting, along with David Barton and Rick Harrison of Pawn Stars. Ashworth has donated many books and other items in his collection to the LDS Church and his items have been displayed at the Crandall Historical Printing Museum in Provo, Utah.

Brent Metcalfe

Moderated by Jimmy Rex

Jimmy Rex is best known for his top rated podcast "The Jimmy Rex Show" and his best selling book "You End Up Where You're Heading." But his life is so much more than that. He is a real estate expert having sold over 2500 homes in his career, an angel investor in over a dozen businesses including a seed round investor in Nikola motors, entrepreneur, adventurer, and family man.

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