Missionary Work in Kanata, Canada

By Dayna Patterson


The porte-a-porte

is not as cruel tonight.


Snow falls soft

on a row of pastel houses,

where curves in the moulding,

louvered shutters,

and tidy lines of lights

make them look

like dollhouses.


Bibles in bags

slung over our shoulders,

we follow the unshoveled path

door   to door   to door.


Pink cloud cover

locks in heat

and hides an abyss

of black sky.

Under layers,

we are almost warm.


Door slams are muted

by snowfall masked as manna.


Tonight, nothing these dolls do

can hurt us.


  1. Stewart says:

    I served in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, 20ish years ago. This made me smile, especially the almost warm part. Brought back some memories. Thank you.

  2. Leonard R says:

    I live on the other side of Ottawa in Orleans. Half of my MTC district also came to the Montreal mission (I went to France). So this resonates on multiple levels.

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