Speaker: Clifton H. Jolley

Searching For Gene England

Eugene England is remembered by tens of thousands as one of twentieth-century Mormonism’s most significant influences on culture, literature, and practical religion. When Gene participated in the founding of Dialogue, elder Joseph Fielding Smith said it would not be good for the Church. And Gene’s essays and sermons were as troubling to some as the …

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Sibbrich’s Tale

In this portion of a longer memoir that examines my connections to the lives of lineal ancestors in sixteenth-century northern Germany, I draw on historical events to imagine what life would have been like for the daughter of a ferryman ancestor named Edde Feerman. Records of the time primarily document the lives of the region’s …

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Suicide Conversations With My Son

Suicide Conversations With My Son Our most significant moments are least discussed. Partly out of reverence. Mostly out of fear. If we live long enough and try hard enough, we may find time and opportunity to talk about everything: the sacred, the secret, the hard. Clifton Jolley has needed six children and two religions to …

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