Sunstone Is Now a Podcast, Too!

Dear Sunstone Subscriber,

We love providing you with the best of Mormon thought and experience in Sunstone magazine, and now we’re excited to make our content even easier for you to enjoy.

In this world where multitasking is almost as essential as breathing, the idea of sitting in a chair and focusing your eyes, hands, and mind on simply reading text seems strange. This is why podcasts and audio books have become so popular: you can “read” while driving, exercising, or relaxing.

Thus, the Sunstone Education Foundation is excited to announce the launch of the Sunstone Magazine Podcast!

We like to think of our new show as the Audible of Mormon podcasts. While other podcasts focus on radio-style interviews and panel discussions, we provide absorbing audio recordings of our articles—both new and classic.

What this means is that everything you love about Sunstone—our excellent authors, our rigorous editing process, our reader-friendly approach—is available wherever your smartphone or MP3 player is at.

To get an idea of the quality content we’ve prepared for you, have a listen to a few of the recordings we’ve pointed you to throughout the latest issue of Sunstone.

And now for the best part: Sunstone subscribers get free access to the podcast for the duration of their subscription! Everyone else in the world will access the podcast by becoming a patron through our Patreon page, but our current subscribers will receive an emailed link to each episode as it comes out, along with a link to the online text version of each article. So make sure we have your current email address! Just to make sure, send your name, mailing address, and current email address to

We think you’re going to love this new way of enjoying Sunstone. In fact, we anticipate that the podcast will become by far the most popular way to engage with the magazine. But because we are still big proponents of the printed word, we’ve put together a plan.

During 2018, we’re releasing two magazines the way you currently recognize it (issues 186 and 187). After that, we will switch to a yearly publication model, where we print all the articles, stories, and poems we’ve produced for the podcast in one digest.

In other words, as a current subscriber, you’re going to receive (1) every podcast episode we produce along with (2) a link to the online text version of those episodes, as well as (3) a print version of every article, story, and poem Sunstone produces for the duration of your subscription. But instead of arriving quarterly, the print version will arrive yearly.

This means that you will continue to receive all the content you paid for—plus a bundle of extras! You’ll be getting something from us practically every week!

We have to admit, we’re really excited about this new way to deliver Sunstone to you. We’ll be able to reach a larger audience and give an extra layer of expression to Mormon thought and experience. Help us spread the word by sending your non-subscriber friends over to our Patreon page where, for only $1 per episode, they can enjoy our quality podcasts.

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Thanks so much for being a part of Sunstone! It’s your support that keeps us going. We look forward to being a regular part of your spiritual journey.

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