Panel Discussion on Mormons and Immigration 7 April @ UofU

Sunstone at the U is please to sponsor a panel discussion Thursday 7 April 2011.

Choose the Right–But Which is Right? Mormons and Immigration

Given that immigration was a significant topic during the last legislative session and continues to be a pressing social issue in Utah, Sunstone at the U is sponsoring this panel discussion among Mormons in Utah about immigration issues. Panelists will discuss how their LDS background shapes their personal views and political actions on immigration and how we can find common ground and constructive approaches to address this subject.

The panel discussion is scheduled 7:00 pm Thursday 7 April, 2011 in room 101, Carolyn Tanner Irish Humanities Building, University of Utah campus.

This event is free and open to the public.

Sunstone welcomes the honest ponderings of Latter-day Saints and their friends and expects that everyone in attendance will approach every issue–no matter how difficult–with intelligence, respect, and good will.

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  1. Brittanicus says:

    The Travesty of our Immigration laws

    Have you seen the power of TEA PARTY, as currently the new politicians refuse to bow down to the Sen. Harry Reid’s or majority speaker John Boehner who are willing to compromise over cutting $100 billion dollars from the US deficit. The Tea Party will not sanction this controversy issue and will stand their ground, in the same old “Business as Usual” diatribe, even if the the US Government has to close down. Republicans have been infiltrated by honest, sincere party members, including lawmakers who have deserted the old party corruption and greed. Currently The TEA PARTY is becoming a giant engine, as millions of delusional Americans are joining the membership. The Tea PARTY believes in Fiscal Responsibility, Limited Government,a Free Fair Market and a Strong National Security That requires each administration honor their oath of allegiance, to protect and defend America from enemies domestic and foreign. This is an ultimatum of the TEA PARTY to Secure tight our border, employ 5000 military personal fully armed and to halt the bleeding of our countries financial welfare resources by illegal aliens. None of these policies are being enforced, as billions of dollars are still being consumed by the education, medical care for foreigners who have illegally residing here. Join the party that will halt every parody of the “Rule of Law” that consumes the United States entitlement programs. Exceptional skilled people can always immigrate here, but we have millions of our own poor, the lowest of income, that need jobs and THE TEA PARTY demands it doesn’t go to foreign nationals.

    How many of you taxpayers out there would like to know the costs, to subsidize the hundreds of thousands of families with birthright citizenship babies? Would you believe over 300.000 annually. Each year for 30 years or more? In my book its impossible to estimate the dollars that has subsidize the households of perhaps the first, second, third offspring, because of the misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment. With each babies collecting $600.00 dollars for every child, the amount adds up quickly. This is devastating when an US pensioner can only collect a little less than a thousand dollars. Cash payments in California is only the monthly subsidy, as they also receive food stamps, health and education benefits, along with low cost housing. Even this is not the limit, as if the child is born with a medical problem the annual payments fly upwards. This is why America must rescind or amend the absolutely ludicrous rip-off of taxpayers. Billions are being soaked into foreign nationals that shouldn’t even be here. California is well known as a Sanctuary State, as Liberal Dominance is manifest in Sacramento. As one taxpayer stated, ” Make sure you get your tax return In on April 15th, as 20.000.000 plus illegal aliens are counting on—YOU?

    For decades now the American taxpayers have been supporting illegal aliens without their knowledge or prior permission. Including this immigration invasion are six stealth amnesties. Its well documented that Billions of dollars have been swallowed up in welfare, while at least 45 billion dollars leave this country in wire transfers. It blatantly obvious that neither the Liberal-Democrats or the Republican intend to stop this parody of our laws. For the Lib-Democrats its more votes, for Republicans its discount labor. The TEA PARTY is the only true remedy to halt the illegal alien occupation, and would strengthen our laws. Underneath this camouflage of both parties is a kind of shadow government. In a ominous dark corner is the billionaire George Soros and his far Leftist-Socialist-Marxist agenda, competing with the Republican who are the pawns of their benefactors the mega corporations.. The membership of the TEA PARTY is YOU–the ordinary people, comprising of the dissatisfied, American people. Both parties are to blame for this deadlock and the failure to enforce the laws because of the extreme special interest lobbyists.Every immigration tool such as E-Verify, Secure Communities and 287 (g) police laws must be permanent, with painful fines, lose of assets and prison for business owners. In Arizona the new model of policing laws has sent thousands hurriedly leaving the State. I proves that their restriction policies are working. Other States had better get their own legislators to action, or they will be swamped with economic illegal workers and families?

    Somebody should ask the question of who did the work in Utah, Texas, Arizona, Illinois or New York or any other location, before the invasion? Who picked potatoes ? My grandfather. Who dug trenches or who was employed landscaping. My uncle. Who laid new roofing down or put up drywall. Two of my cousins. Who worked in the 60’s in a restaurant or made beds in a motel that belonged to my other Uncle. My ex-wife. Who run around in McDonald in the early 70’s, while at college. ME! I flipped burgers. YES! I worked to pay for my own college tuition. The political avalanche of the Tea Party and pro-sovereignty organizations will fight any amnesty, whether its the Dream Act and its Chain Migration following, Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Sanctuary Cities and States or any more underground ways to deliver more illegal aliens in the US.

    ATTN: NumbersUSA member has first-hand experience with H1B visa fraud. The member, who wishes to remain anonymous, used to work for both Oracle and Hewlett-Packard and was an integral part of the companies’ abuses of the H-1B visa program.Read about it.

    “Arizona Hearing Today: Will Supreme Court let the government favor taxpayer-funded candidates?” on Arizona Tea Party Network. Call you Senator or Representative today, to demand public tax-payer-funded, instead of private sponsorship that is twisted with major corruption and criminal activity. Inside your phone directory is the blue pages, where you can locate your people in Washington and politicians at the State level.


    No Copyright, Ever. Distribute freely.

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